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Enjoy our interview with Cara & Leo, best friends and the co-hosts of The Matcha Diaries podcast. On their podcast they talk about lots of valuable topics for young adult women, with a focus on self care. We love listening to the girls explore perspectives on these topics and interview their guests! P.S. their Instagram feed is to die for.

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Girl Talk with S&G: Cara & Leo of The Matcha Diaries

Q: Elevator Pitch: tell our readers who you are! What do you do for work/school?

Leo: Hey, I’m Leo! Half German/half Portuguese and a BIG fan of books, learning about new cultures, taking time for yourself, cookie dough and long deep chats. I currently work in Marketing for the European HQ of Samsung (based in London) and love the diversity that Marketing offers (mix of strategy, creative thinking, consumer psychology, design and research).

Cara: Hey lovelies, I’m Cara, a Jordanian trying to find my place in the UK. I just finished my Masters degree in Marketing Management and am venturing out to see what the world has to offer! I have a passion for all things music, people, culture, friendship, family and self care. At the end of the day, I’m always up for a late night chat and making new memories x

Q: How did you meet?

Leo: We met at university because we were doing the same course (BSc in Marketing) and actually sat next to each other in our very first introductory lecture! For me it was definitely a “friendship love at first sight”, because I immediately wanted to get to know that cute, lovely & radiant girl next to me better!

Cara: This cutie sat next to me in our first every marketing lecture and I remember having so much admiration for Leo’s energy. She was positive, confident, social, and sweet. I knew we were going to be great friends.

Q: How/why did you decide to start the podcast? Why specifically the self-care theme?

Leo: Starting a podcast had always been something in the back of my mind I would have loved to do, but never thought actually to be possible… One day I had a random idea for a podcast name and brought it up to Cara when we finally got to see each other in person again (2020 things). And from there it kind of just spiraled… from one of those crazy plans you make with your friends, into an actual project!! To be honest, I sometimes still can’t believe that we made this a reality for ourselves and I truly couldn’t be more grateful.

The inspiration with anything we do for our podcast comes from what we would personally like to hear people talk about and/or address, which is why the self care aspect has become so prominent as well. I want our podcast to feel like a safe space - a space where judgement doesn’t exist and we do everything we can to lift each other up!

Cara: My friendship with Leo is built on moments spent in cute independent coffee shops, drinking a matcha latte (or several), and opening up about certain topics we feel passionate about. When we spend time together, I feel as though I'm in a little bubble where I can be a hundred percent myself, and not be judged. I have a supportive friend that is willing to uncover my thoughts, questions, and curiosities. That is what this podcast is all about… creating a community where these thoughts are encouraged.

To be transparent, Leo and I can be harsh on ourselves, and need that reminder that it’s okay to take a day off, it’s good to take that time out of your day to make sure that you’re being cared for. We want to be that reminder to other 20 year olds.

Q: How do you decide topics and who to interview?

Cara & Leo: Episode ideas typically stem from struggles we personally want to open up about (e.g. body image, comparison) or topics we wish were more openly addressed (e.g sobriety at a young age, mental health struggles).

When it comes to podcast guests, we always want to interview people that we genuinely feel inspired by and whose story we are interested in. Getting to speak to people all over the world has honestly been one of our favourite parts of the podcast and it feels like such an honour every single time!

Q: How do you manage your work flow together as a team?

Leo: I feel SO lucky to have Cara by my side and honestly feel like we work really well together. We usually try and split up instagram & podcast work pretty 50/50, but also adapt to when one of us has lots going on, or is having a bad day. I think the key has been communicating honestly about how we are feeling (I know… how cliche) because at the end of the day, our friendship and that we’re having fun with the podcast, are our main priorities.

Cara: I agree! Our working style is very adaptable. We never want one person to feel like they are doing more than the other, however we do play on our own strengths, and assign certain tasks based on that.. but it is 50/50 most of the time! We have both communicated to each other that we never want podcasting to be a stressful situation, and we always make sure to keep that in mind.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Leo: Stop looking to external sources for validation (grades, boys etc.) - you have everything you need already inside you!

Cara: Don’t let other peoples’ comments on the way you look get in your head. Regardless of how you change, they will always have something to say.

Q: What topics are you most excited about that you’ll be talking about on the podcast? Other future endeavors you’re looking forward to?

Leo: There is still SO much I want to talk about and use our podcast to address, so I can’t wait for future episodes! Specifically, I’d love to open up more about our different cultural upbringing and experiences, as well as our thoughts on body confidence/image because I think this is so important to talk about (even though it feels super vulnerable)!

Cara: I personally can’t wait to use our platform to bring awareness to a lot of the societal struggles that exist, like racism, sexism, body shaming, and so much more. Before tackling these conversations, I do want to make sure that I have done some research, and am as educated as I can be.

Cara & Leo: The absolute dream would be to one day be able to release our own journals (aka real life matcha diaries) and mugs for people to buy and enjoy their matcha/coffee out of - ethically and sustainably produced of course!

Rapid fire questions

Q: Go-to drink order? (Can be non-alcoholic)

Leo & Cara: Obviously…. Matcha!

Q: How old are you?

Leo: 23

Cara: Just turned 22!

Q: What are you currently reading? (or any recent 5-star reads?)

Leo: Recently finished reading ‘In Five Years’ by Rebecca Serle & ‘The Heart’s Invisible Furies’ by John Boyne, which were both incredible and 100% worth reading! Another 5-star read I would have to recommend is ‘The Book of Moods’ by Lauren Martin - my absolute FAVE ‘self-helpy’ book to date because it was so relatable, whilst genuinely making me feel more positive and appreciative about my life.

Cara: I’ve recently gotten back into reading, so I have been taking my time. I am currently reading ‘The Heart’s Invisible Furies’, which has been so captivating so far, as I find myself immersed in the pages.

Q: An outfit you’d wear for the rest of your life?

Leo: A cosy knitted jumper (I have the largest jumper collection ever, it's definitely becoming an unhealthy obsession) paired with high waisted skinny jeans and heeled leather black boots (I’m only 5 ft 2, so I need the extra height)!

Cara: Okay.. this is honestly controversial, but I would definitely wear any high waisted jeans for the rest of my life. As a 5 ft 2 gal, they elongate my legs and give me that extra confidence. I would pair that with a high neck top, an oversized long black leather jacket, and some cool sunglasses.

Q: Favorite self care product?

Leo: My journal! Not sure if this counts as a “product” but journaling definitely helps me to work through my emotions and feel more gratitude in my everyday life which I think is so important!

Cara: I would say my skin care products are one of my favourite self care products. I love spending some ‘me’ time unwinding for bed, or getting ready for the day. I use the Cera Ve facial foaming cleanser, and the Hylaronic acid and Niacinamide Serum from the Ordinary. I find it so relaxing and cleansing.

Q: If you were a fictional character who would you be?

Leo: Hermione Granger (definitely some wishful thinking going on here)

Cara: Winston from New Girl (because we have the same sense of humour + love cats)

Q: If you could choose to be any city which would you be?

Leo: New York City 100% - the city makes me feel like anything is possible and I love how diverse and multifaceted it is!

Cara: Rome.. I love the warm summer days, and the lively summer nights. It’s the perfect blend of warm, cosy, and sociable.

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