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This episode of Girl Talk is an interview with Nicole, the creator of lashesandlemons! When we found her Insta we were instantly in love with Nicole’s energy and allll of her relatable and inspiring lifestyle content. Trust us, you will feel like an instant BFF when you follow her. She is so sweet and you’ll see in this interview what an inspiration she is!

You can find her on her blog and Instagram @lashesandlemons

Girl Talk with S&G: Nicole of lashesandlemons

Q: Elevator Pitch: tell our readers who you are! What do you do for work and about you as a content creator!
Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I am the creator of lashesandlemons, have been running @lashesandlemons for the past 4 years sharing my love and passion for beauty, wellness and sharing tips for building confidence and feeling the best in your own skin - all through my personal anecdotes and experiences. Over the past year, I have been doing a ton of home decor and amazon finds as I have finally just got my own apartment (lol living here a year already) but continuing to find ways to save space and do it effortlessly. In my real lifeI am a full time pediatric occupational therapist and absolutely love my job and working with kids

Q: How do you balance your full time job and your lifestyle page?

Balance is something definitely something I continuously work on both personally and professionally. Myself (my mental health/boundaries/being present with family/friends) and my full time job come first. BUT I always find ways to share my life with my audience especially when it can provide value to others. I think that what makes my page attractive to most as people can feel like they can relate to me and my very normal life! There is definitely a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in terms of editing, emails, etc. and things I prioritize like responding to DMs but my community and myself come first!

Q: You have such amazing energy every day on social media (and in real life!), what is your one piece of advice for daily motivation? Finding what makes you happy and actually doing it. Building habits that not only provide happiness in the short term but also in the long term.

Q: You touch upon SO many topics on your Instagram (reading, self-love, dating, home decor, recipes, and that barely scratches the surface!) Do you have a favorite topic to post about? Which topics do you feel like your audience likes to hear about the most?

I think my most favorite topic recently is dating. It is SUCH an interesting time to be single, literally uncharted waters, and I really like sharing the highs and lows of it. Also, it helps me not feel alone as I have a TON of young women who follow me who are also navigating the same thing.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

To not worry so much and say yes more.

Q: What future endeavors or upcoming things in your life are you most excited about?

I am so excited about summer! I have a few weekend trips planned that I am really looking forward to and I just can't wait to see what the future brings! It all feels NEW and unpredictable in a good way.

Rapid fire questions

  • Go-to drink order? (Can be non-alcoholic) La Croix lemon (non-alcoholic) and I love a glass of a dry white wine or rose!

  • How old are you? 27!

  • What are you currently reading? (or any recent 5-star reads?) Recent 5 stars: In Five Years. I loved it so much, it felt like just the right amount of fantasy but also super relatable. I am also loving books set in NYC right now. I also have a book list on my site of my favorite thrillers, which is my favorite genre.

  • An outfit you’d wear for the rest of your life? Omg, bodysuit, great high waisted jeans and a good pair of heels.

  • Current favorite self care product? Not necessarily standard self care, but every time i put on lipstick i have an instant serotonin boost. Just try it :)

  • If you could choose to be any NYC neighborhood, which do you most identify with and why? I love the vibe of the west village, there is nothing in NY like it! I love how it is chic, quaint and homey.

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