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Today’s Girl Talk is an interview with Kate Mcreynolds, a personal friend of ours and someone who is absolutely killing it as a freelance social media strategist and content creator. When the pandemic hit, Kate turned lemons into lemonade, switching gears in her career. Keep reading to hear all about it!

You can follow Kate on Instagram or check out her website.

Girl Talk With S&G: Kate Mcreynolds

Q: Elevator Pitch: Tell our readers who you are and about you! What do you do for work?
I'm pretty much your one stop shop for anything creative in the social media space (strategy, writing, graphic design, photography, etc) but to simplify things, I gave myself the title of social media strategist and content creator on LinkedIn. I'm based in NYC but have clients all around the US since some areas of my work allow me to be remote! While I have a few brand clients, I unintentionally developed a niche for working with bloggers (strategy, ghost writing and content creation) which does make sense because I am a "micro-influencer" myself and have built a lot of connections in that space.

Q: We know you used to work as a social media manager in the corporate world previously, how did you make the decision to go freelance?
It was kind of a disaster that led to this blessing in disguise haha. I was immediately furloughed and laid off at the beginning of the pandemic and then spent a miserable 8 months applying to other corporate jobs to no avail. In December, I had two offers for freelance clients that allowed me to say "ok this is enough income to survive on so why not just take this opportunity to take the plunge into freelance full time." Once everyone in my network knew I was actively pursuing freelance clients full time, the offers just started flowing in and now I have a full schedule!

Q: What are some of the things you do on a day to day basis freelancing?
Every day is really different which I love (thanks to the aforementioned ADHD). Among things I do behind the computer are graphic design for Instagram posts and stories and various other marketing materials, ghost writing and curating shopping widgets for blog posts, brainstorm strategy and post ideas for brands, influencer outreach for brands and so much more. Out and about, I will meet up with clients to take photos or capture video content for reels/tik tok and do associate photography shoots for my one photographer client + also assist her on some of her shoots.

Q: How has this career change affected your life overall?
My quality of life is 10x higher. I literally felt like I was in prison when I worked a corporate job and the thought of having to do that for the rest of my life stressed me out. I think some people thrive in a corporate lifestyle because it provides structure, safety and more —it just depends on your personality type. I'm super ADHD and like to do things on my own terms so it wasn't for me. Now having context, I realized that it was also absolutely crushing my creativity! I feel so much more creatively energized and confident now. I'm also very financially incentivized (I guess who isn't lol) so I'm very thrilled that there is no cap on how much $ I can make and it's made me even more motivated!

Q: What advice would you give to someone hoping to freelance in the social media space?
I know everyone says this but networking is key. I've been networking in the blogging industry for years now and that's how I've made a lot of connections. I also gained a few of my clients through people from my previous corporate job! Just be really nice and outgoing to everyone you meet and leverage social media as a tool to stay in connection with people. I have not had to do any outreach whatsoever to find clients so far thanks to my network so I think that really speaks to the power of building and maintaining relationships in the industry. Also you HAVE to have your own social media presence of some sort to make yourself memorable and demonstrate your capabilities. You don't have to have a lot of followers, you just need to stay active!

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self?

It will all work out, stop worrying about the future so much. No matter how much you plan, life is going to throw things at you that you'll never see coming. The best thing you can do is live in the moment and work hard. I actually can't think too far into the future right now because with freelancing it A. feels super daunting because nothing's completely stable with this type of career B. things are constantly changing. i'm in a completely different place than i thought i'd be right now than when i started this journey 4 months ago.

Rapid fire questions:
Go-to drink order? Spicy Marg

How old are you? 24

What are you currently reading? (or any recent awesome reads?) My Christmas break read — A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder!

An outfit you’d wear for the rest of your life? A cropped chunky sweater, levis wedgie jeans, my white M.Gemi leather sneakers and YSL mini lou crossbody is my go-to.

Favorite self care activity? A hot bath!

If you could choose to be any city which would you be? Probably nyc. We're both loyal, passionate and a little crazy.

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